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Periodontal (Gum) Surgery Post Operative Instructions

  • As soon as you arrive home, hold ice water in your mouth until it warms up, and then GENTLY let it run out and take a new mouthful of ice water. Do this repeatedly for at least one hour. DO NOT rinse or spit vigorously as this may cause excessive bleeding or dislodging of any sutures (stitches) or dressing that may have been placed.
  • Some oozing following periodontal surgery is normal, however if bleeding persists hold gauze tightly over area with fingers or by biting down with firm pressure for 30 minutes. Repeat with fresh gauze as needed.
  • DO NOT smoke for the first 24 hours.
  • Limit your activities for 24 hours.
  • If prescriptions were given, follow directions carefully. DO NOT drive or drink alcoholic beverages when taking pain pills. Alcohol will also decrease the effectiveness of antibiotics.
  • If sutures (stitches) were placed, return at your appointment time for removal. Do not be concerned if the sutures loosen before your suture removal appointment.
  • DO NOT eat until the numbness wears off to avoid biting your tongue, cheeks, or lips. A soft diet is strongly recommended during the first week, and especially during the first 24 hours.
  • Often, removing the diseased gum tissue during periodontal surgery results in a portion of the root surfaces of the teeth becoming exposed to the mouth, making the teeth look "longer". This may result in increased sensitivity of the teeth to hot and cold. If this is the case, this sensitivity will be reduced or eliminated through treatments after initial healing has taken place. To avoid discomfort, do not eat or drink foods or liquids that are very hot or cold during this period of initial healing. If you have been given medications to treat this sensitivity at this time, please use as directed.
  • 24 hours AFTER your surgery, begin using salt water rinses. Dissolve one teaspoon of table salt in an 8oz. glass of LUKEWARM water, GENTLY rinse for 10 minutes. Do this 3 times per day for one week. As a substitute for the salt water, GLY-OXIDE mouth rinse may be used. This is available at most pharmacies or from this office, just use as directed.