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Tooth Restoration

  • State of the art, restorative materials.
  • Match your tooth shade and structure.
  • Virtually impossible to have the restoration ever come out of the tooth.

Dr. Leidy does not routinely provide amalgam (silver-mercury) restorations (fillings) any longer. The newer, state of the art, restorative materials are now very strong and match your tooth shade and structure. We use composite (about 70% porcelain and 30% acrylic) on small areas such as biting surfaces and tongue or cheek surface.

In still other situations where the entire tooth must be covered, a crown restoration is provided for you. These are usually all ceramic (porcelain) or porcelain fused to metal. They are either bonded to the tooth (in the case of all ceramic) or cemented to the tooth (in case of the latter). We used to use all gold cast restorations in these situations, but as these newer materials have been developed, patients no longer want to have a smile that shows gold.

In the final analysis we have found that nearly all patients desire the esthetically pleasing tooth compatible natural looking restorations. These are the type that we focus our advanced training, seminars and workshops on so that we can provide state of the art dentistry for you. To request additional information, visit our Contact page.

Materials Used for Tooth Restoration